Medical Chronologies

Need a competitive edge? Medical chronologies are the perfect preparation tool for depositions, case analysis and trial.

A concise and accurate chronology enables you to understand all relevant information without reviewing each individual document. All of Virtual Office Key’s chronologies are prepared for you by an experienced Registered Nurse who has also completed Legal Nurse Consultant training.

Our chronologies are streamlined to highlight administration of medications and patterns of medical care thereby allowing you to quickly pinpoint critical treatment points and create successful strategies to win claim related cases.

The advantages of having a detailed chronology include reducing your record review time significantly and lowering the cost of expert billing.  As a result, you gain the advantage of being able to work in a more efficient and effective manner.

Our medical chronology services are customized to your individual needs and are HIPAA compliant.

• Medical chronology cost is only $1.75 per page of medical record.

• Records may be submitted via email. In the event that the records are too voluminous for email, please contact us and we will set up a secure dropbox link.

• Payment for all completed work is due upon receipt of invoice to qualify for above rates.

• Turnaround time for your medical chronology depends on the number of medical records to be summarized and whether or not they are mostly typewritten or handwritten. A general estimate would be five business days for between 500 and 750 pages of records in most cases.

• Rush jobs are available by special arrangement and are billed at $2.75 per page of medical record.

• Standard medical chronology format is four-column style: pdf/file/page, date, provider and findings. Alternative formats can be provided upon request, at normal rates if possible.

• Your medical chronology will be securely returned via electronic attachment in Word format.

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