5 Ways to Reduce Stress in Your Life

  • Take a break and unplug at least once a day. Technology is a wonderful thing, but as the saying goes: “everything is good in moderation”. Our need to be connected to the virtual world is strong – it may take some effort to disconnect. The reward will be worth it however: you will feel refreshed both physically and emotionally.
  • Feed the creative needlearn how to do something new such as creating a fancy dessert, building a birdhouse or drawing a still life. Pick a project or hobby that does not relate in any way to your professional work, and immerse yourself in the sheer fun of creativity.
  • Use the three “E”’s: exercise regularly, eat healthy foods and embrace sleep. These are the cornerstones of physical well being which in turn allows you to face and deal much better with stress.
  • Relax. It can be as simple as spending half an hour meditating, watching the sunrise as you drink your morning coffee or looking through a photo album of your past adventures. Start your day off gently, and take a few short breaks during work to breathe, stretch and intentionally push the stress back for a short time.
  • Establish boundaries. Decide what your time limits are and don’t exceed those limits. Delegate what you can – it is a more efficient way of reaching your goals, reduces the stress of meeting deadlines and allows you to focus your efforts to maximize productivity.

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